1st Weigh In and More 0

Today was my first weigh-in and thank god, I lost 2.2lbs which brings my weight to 194.4. I also realized today that I incorrectly stated my weight in my first entry. I actually weighed 196.6.

Here’s my menu for the day.. I will update with lunch, snacks and dinner later..

Early Morning snack
- Weight Watchers Bar (2 pts)

- 1 english muffin lite (1/4c egg whites, 1 fat free cheese, 1 South Beach turkey bacon) – 4 pts
- 1 banana (2 pts)
- 1 c Silk Soy milk (2 pts)

Also, here are some weight loss pointers that I live by:

- Eat lots of fiber.  I try to have high-fiber in all my meals from breakfast, snack, lunch and dinner. One of my favorite snacks are Kashi TLC granola bars. They have about 5g fiber and if you’re on Weight Watchers it’s only 2 pts. Other ways to incorporate fiber are through vegetables and fruits.

- Snacking is important. Keep healthy snacks around you fruits, vegetables (baby carrots), yogurt.

- Drink plenty of water throughout the day. I drink double the required amount daily.

- Take a multivitamin.

- Plan, plan.. planning your meals ahead of time is essential to a successful weight loss.

- Keep a journal, tracking when you’re eating and what you’re eating helps you to assess where you may have some weaknesses.

- Lastly, incorporate a physical activity into your plan. Whether it’s walking, watching Fit TV, Wii Fit, what ever works for you, get moving….

Happy Healthy Weight Loss…