The Power of Community – My Fitbloggin Recap 7

Since coming back from Fitbloggin, I keep thinking about what I want to write in my recap post. I didn’t want my post to be a post where I show you all the awesome swag we got (which was definitely cool) or show you a gazillion pictures of the food I ate (which was a lot, but healthy, aside from a late night dessert run with Yum Yucky. No regrets here, that banana cheesecake was so worth it). I wanted to somehow bring to life for you the reason conferences and communities like Fitbloggin are so important.  Now I may not be able to do this in one post, actually I am pretty sure I won’t be able to, but here’s a little teaser.

When I think about this weekend, two things stick in my head and my heart, the power of community and the importance of self-love.

At Fitbloggin, I heard stories of fellow bloggers who have lost over 100LBS to those who have gained weight they previously lost to those who are just starting their journey to those who are running their first marathon, triathlon and so much more.

With each story told, challenges that people faced to achieve their goals came to light. I mean people shared challenges that were not small and simple problems, but major life changing things such as the death of a love one, depression and losing their job to name a few.

But for some reason, no matter what challenges people faced they talked about how they overcame it through resiliency and simply not giving up.  One of the consistent things I heard was how bloggers supported each other on their journeys. Bloggers helping bloggers just reminded me how important and special we are as a community. There were also many stories about challenges people are having with self-love and acceptance, which is something I want to write a separate post about because it made me sad to hear stories of people who haven’t quite achieved their goals and are really dealing with major self-acceptance issues.

Fitbloggin inspired me and reminded me that yes I can accomplish all that I want with hard work, determination and the love and support of my community which includes my family, friends and my Fitbloggin community.

We have all heard of the saying that “it takes a village to raise a child”, well it takes a village to achieve your goals and Fitbloggin is definitely a part of my village when it comes to my weight loss and healthy living goals.

I just want to thank the entire Fitbloggin team for their hard work and dedication in producing such a phenomenal conference and building a supportive community.

I had a great weekend and wanted to share with you some of my Fitbloggin favorite moments:

–       Hanging out with my fellow New York bloggers (Brooklyn Active Mama, The Get Fit DivaSheryl Yvette aka BitchCakesPatty Aziaga)

–       Working out with Cathe Friedrich

–       Zumba with Mrs Fatass and Simplifying Sam (by far the best Zumba class ever)

–       Hanging with my all time favorite blogger and someone who really inspired me to start blogging  Yum Yucky

Thank you Fitbloggin for another year well done.

Have you ever been to Fitbloggin or any other blogger conference? What did you learn?