Weekly Wrap-up 2

It’s Friday! I’m at the hair salon and haven’t blogged all week and all I feel like doing right now is blogging so I am writing from my phone which I have never done before. Let’s see how this works out.

Anyhoo, I have one word for this week “cray, cray” (crazy), I guess that’s two words. Work was nuts, I didn’t get to workout at all this week, but I am not going to stress it. As always, I am going to put my energies into focusing on the positive things that happened this week. Here’s my list of the moments that made me smile this week.

1. I have been working out at home a lot and when I do my ¬†baby daughter gets really excited and joins me. Well this morning as I was leaving for work, she grabbed my yoga mat and my sneakers and started jumping around because she wanted to exercise. When she saw that I couldn’t stay she started crying. I was sad that she was crying but so excited that she wanted to exercising. #LeadingByExample

2. This is a vain beauty moment. I haven’t been to a hair stylist in a long time and today I went and the girl who did my hair went to the same junior high school as I did, what a small world.

3. I am counting down the days to Thanksgiving. I love hanging with my family.

4. I am really enjoying my health coaching sessions and school.

5. I am just happy the weekend is here.

How was your week?