Primary Foods vs Secondary Foods 7

I am officially three weeks into my Health Coaching training and loving every moment of it. I’ll be honest it’s been hard keeping up with my reading and studies, but whenever I do catch up, I am always learning something new or enhancing what I already know.

Recently, I was reading a section in my materials that talks about primary foods. According to the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, (the creator of the primary food philosophy), “The foods you eat are secondary to all the other things that feed you—your relationships, career, spirituality, and exercise routine. Those are the things we call primary foods.”

I don’t know about you, but personally when my primary foods are out of wack it deeply affects my food choices and overall health and well-being. Last week for example, I had a crazy workweek, and my eating was not as good as I like it to be. I was eating emotionally and just grabbing whatever I could that was comforting and easy to prepare. While having a crazy workweek is small in comparison to bigger life issues (i.e. marriage problems, etc) it still shows how important it is to nourish the nonfood aspects of your life. I haven’t been able to go to the gym for the past two weeks and it’s been really affecting my food choices as well as my overall happiness. I am frustrated that I haven’t been going and I feel like I am eating more then I should.

I took sometime to really assess what areas of my primary foods needs work and realize that it’s two areas. For me, finding and keeping a steady exercise routine is so necessary. When I workout, I’m happier and I make smarter food choices. It’s just the consistency that’s the problem. I will go hard working out week after week and one thing derails me and it’s hard to get back on track. I really want to put more energy into exercising. I have been trying to workout more at home to compensate for not going to the gym, but it doesn’t always workout. I am committed to developing this area of my primary foods.

Secondly, I need to further nourish my spirituality. I believe in god and I pray everyday for all the blessings in my life, but I need to tap into my spirituality more to help me let go of things that are not in my control. Having a stronger spiritual base is something that I aspire to as I think once you are confident in a higher being, it automatically puts in you in a place of confidence and contentment.

I look forward to learning more about primary foods and sharing with you small things we can do in our lives to help us have a good balance of primary and secondary foods.

What are you thoughts about primary foods? What areas of your primary foods do you think you need to work on?