Commitment Day Monday 4

Did you watch the Superbowl? Or like me, did you just watch Beyonce’s half-time performance and then changed the channel. No shame in my game. If you did watch, what did you think about Beyonce’s performance? I thought it was amazing.  I LOVE her.. Great show, she’s such an amazing entertainer.

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Any hoo, I have been MIA for the past week. I had an exam last week and found myself studying and pulling all nighters like I did when I was in college (which is over 13 years ago so needless to say last week was tough). I can’t believe it’s been four months since I started my Holistic Health Coaching program at Integrative Institute of Nutrition. It’s been an amazing journey thus far. A balancing act as always, but I am making it work. Between school, work, family life, exercising, my weekly schedule is INSANE.

Well, as always it’s the start of a new week and time to refocus and prioritize our goals for the week. Honestly, my weekly goals will always include eating right, exercising and drinking more water. However, this week, in addition to sticking with my healthy living goals, I want to really make a commitment to stay positive and calm no matter what challenge I am dealing with.  I work in an intense work environment where we work at 100 mph. At times, there are moments where I get so frustrated that I it really effects the way I react to people and the way I handle different situations. I have been seeing a lot of people post on Instagram or Pinterest the quote “Keep Calm and Carry On,” well that really sums up my biggest commitment to myself for this week and forever.


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What are some of your commitments for this week? Whatever your goals, stay focused and “keep calm and carry on”.