My 40 Day Meatless Journey 9

It’s been over two weeks since lent has started and I wanted to share with you what I have decided to give up. This year I have decided to abstain from meat/poultry for the next 40 days. Every year, I try and fast from something and never succeed. This year for some reason, I felt determined to make a commitment and stick with it.  I have been thinking about removing meat/poultry from my diet for a while now so making the transition was pretty smooth.

So far, it’s been over two weeks since lent started (Feb 13) and my meatless lifestyle has been going well. Not eating meat is forcing me to cook more and try new recipes. I also find that I’m eating more vegetables. I have to say vegetarians today have it really good and easy. There are so many options for vegetarians today then ever before.

Because of these options, I haven’t had a strong craving or desire to eat meat, with the exception of this past Saturday when I had a slight moment of weakness. My sister and I went out to get pizza at a place that’s known for their wings. On our way there I kept saying how I couldn’t wait to have the wings, completely forgetting that I am not eating meat. Thankfully once the waitress came to take our order I remembered and ordered a veggie pizza instead. My sister still ordered the wings while I picked broccoli off of my pizza.

Do you celebrate lent? If so, are you fasting from anything? Have you ever fasted from particular food? If so, how did it go?

Lastly, please feel free to share your favorite meatless recipe.

Have a happy and healthy week!