Natural Beauty Talk: My Deodorant Dilemma

Oct 23

Welcome to the second edition of Natural Beauty Talk, a new feature I launched where we will talk all things natural beauty, including product reviews, swapping beauty advice and more.

Today’s post is a focus on natural deodorants. Yes, deodorants. Since college, I have been allergic to regular deodorants. I am especially allergic to deodorants that contain aluminum.  Aluminum is the ingredient found in most deodorants that stops you from perspiring.  There have been articles that link aluminum to breast cancer, but there isn’t any definite research to prove that claim (according to my online research) but wanted to point that out.

Years ago, when I was in college, I was having a lot of discomfort under my arms. During a regular GYN doctor’s appointment I shared with my doctor/mid-wife the irritation I was having and she suggested that I try a natural, aluminum-free deodorant.  I immediately went to the health food store and purchased about two different brands. Within a few days of using the natural deodorants, the discomfort was gone.

Now while the discomfort was gone, my new issue became the fact that aluminum-free deodorants do not last, so I became so self-conscious about not having bad under arm odor. Eventually because of this, I stopped using the aluminum-free deodorant for a few years and went back to using regular deodorant, namely Dove.


Fast-forward to today, I am once again dealing with the same issues. Through the years, I was using Dove, I would use Dove during the day for work but at night I would use the natural deodorants to at least try and reduce how much I was using the regular deodorant. I would still have the discomfort but I just got used to it and kept using the regular deodorant.

Now, here I am dealing with the same issues all over again, in fact it’s gotten a bit worse. I am now getting a rash from regular deodorants, so it’s clear to me now that I really can no longer use regular deodorant, as I can’t tolerate the slightest sensitivity and I have to make change.  Since my newfound revelation, I have tried every brand I can find at my health food store in hopes of finding one that will out last the other.


So far, Toms of Maine seems to be the only brand that lasts the longest but I have severe irritation from it (like a tingling burning sensation) and can no longer use it.  The other brands just don’t last long enough. This is probably TMI, but I constantly go to the bathroom at work and will literally wash my underarm with soap and water and reapply the deodorant to ensure that I smell GOOD. (I have a slightly obsessive personality). It’s become such a pain for me.

I have reached a point where I can’t use regular deodorant, I am now having reactions to natural deodorants and I just don’t know what to do. The good thing is that believe it or not I am not alone with this deodorant dilemma. In doing research online and talking to friends and family, many people have allergic reactions to aluminum based deodorant. I have found several new brands online or via recommendations that I am hoping to try, specifically Aubrey Organics. Hoping to find a long-lasting solution soon. 

Do you have an allergic reaction to aluminum-based deodorant? If so, what brands do you use? 


  1. I heard coconut oil is supposed to be good.

  2. What a coincidence. I’ve got a natural deodorant post in the works! Toms of Maine does not work for me at all, neither for my daughter. Also too bad that natural alternatives in general are so expensive. I’ll be sure to link to you in my upcoming post. xo

    • OMG, I was just about to work on a post like this too! I have been using a natural deodorant since the summer (those really sweaty months) to really see how it was going to hold up. I also have a review coming up as well!

      When I post mine up, I’ll link up this blog and your post as well!

    • how funny.. well i can’t wait to see your post.. Toms of Maine isn’t good at all.. like when i put it on my arm pits (TMI) are burning.. they are super expensive and i have spent so much money on deodorants.. i did a test this week and realize that in addition to deodorants without aluminum, i need it to be zinc free as well..

  3. This may sound gross but … I don’t use deodorant. I don’t sweat much, and when I do it doesn’t have a smell. My mom was the same way. (Don’t worry, I’ve checked with others who are close to me, and they agree – no smell).

  4. I’ve never had a reaction to deodorants that contained aluminum, but when I was pregnant and during the time I breastfed, I switched to a natural deodorant. I believe it’s the Tom’s one you have posted. You’re right, it doesn’t last. I’ve heard using fresh lemon juice works. My coworker uses it on her son with baking soda. His pediatrician said it helps.


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