I Can’t Believe It’s November 1

Nov 01

I don’t know about you, but the fact that today is November 1, scares me. I can’t even believe that the year is almost over (two months left officially) and the holidays are right around the corner AHHHHHHH!. This year has truly flown by and I need it to slow down like NOW!

I find myself thinking about all the goals and desires I set for myself this year and doing a self-analysis on where I am with achieving those goals. As I was doing my assessment, I started to realize that while I may not have accomplished everything that I wanted to for various reasons (new short term goals were born that became a priority for me, or life simply got in the way), it’s ok. There’s no set amount of time on how long it should take you to achieve your goals. Giving yourself a timeline definitely helps you to stay focused and on track, but don’t get discouraged if you didn’t fully work on your goal.

Becoming a health coach wasn’t a goal for me at the beginning of the year but it’s the biggest thing that I accomplished this year and being a coach just makes me so happy. The thing with goal setting is that as you are working on one goal you unexpectedly achieve another goal that you weren’t even thinking about. For example, when it comes to my weight loss, my goal was to lose weight this year and I have but not as much as I wanted, but that’s ok, because I am so much stronger due to my increased workouts and weight training. I found that one goal beget another goal.

As I was thinking about the goals I set for myself this year, I ask myself the following questions to really help guide my process.

1. What goals did I accomplish this year, both planned goals and unexpected ones?

2. Was the timeframe I set for achieving this goal realistic?

3. What’s the reason for wanting to achieve this goal? (It’s always good to remind yourself why you’re working      towards a specific goal)

4. With two months left in the year, what small actions can I take to put me closer to making my goal a reality?

With two more months left in the year, I encourage all of you to spend sometime thinking about the year and your goals. Ask yourself the questions above to help you. Everyday that we are giving is a day to start anew and work on achieving our goals, whatever they may be.

What are some goals that you had for the year? Where are you with them? What were some unexpected goals that you accomplished?


  1. I also cannot believe it’s November 1st. Crazy! I was thinking about this on the train this morning. I feel like I have accomplished nothing when it comes to my weight loss. I start doing something, then stops. Nothing holds my attention for very long. So I’m trying to make organize myself and just take the time left in 2013 to do something healthy for myself. I can’t focus on the past just from today on.

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