Music Monday’s 8

Happy Monday!

As we start of what’s going to be a FABULOUS week (yes, I am claiming positivity and no stress for this week), I wanted to share a new feature on the site called “Music Monday’s”, a new item where I will post my workout song of the week.

Usually on Sunday nights, I plan both my meals for the week and workouts. Music is a big part of my workouts. I love music and I love to dance.  What I listen to while exercising has such an impact on my workouts.  If I’m listening to hip-hop, most likely I’m doing weights, if I’m listening to reggae or Soca music, I am usually ready to dance and normally doing cardio. Additionally, what I listen to motivates me based on the energy of the song. As such I wanted to share with you what’s currently playing on my Ipod as part of my workouts for the past few weeks.

I am beyond in love with this song from Pharrell and Daft Punk. The minute I hear it, something just gets me going and moving.

How important is music to you when you are exercising? What songs are you working out to lately? I am always in search of new music to add to my playlist. 

Be blessed and have a happy, healthy and awesome week.