How I Became a Happily Empowered Women – A Special Guest Post

Nov 08

I am so excited to share with you my very first guest post from someone who’s story of transformation and empowerment has inspired me in so many ways. Please welcome Faby Giordani from the Happily Empowered Woman  blog.  Faby is a mom, wife and a woman on mission to empowering herself and women everywhere to find their happy.  Her story is one that I know we are all to familiar with and can relate to.

I hope you enjoy her story as much as I do.

I am a happily empowered woman. I wasn’t always this way. Growing up I struggled with my weight issues which led to self-esteem issues. As a teen, I became very active in sports and activities that allowed me to maintain a healthy body weight. When I went off to college I was determined not to gain the freshman fifteen. Sadly I did not succeed. Along with a hectic class schedule, a full time job, activities and an active social life things spiraled out of control. Fast forward several years later, I weighed in at 295 pounds. This was the heaviest that I have even been in my entire life (so much for the freshman fifteen). I must admit it wasn’t just being busy that contributed to this weight gain. In mid-2008, I happily gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and began life as a single parent. Along the way I forgot to take care of myself both physically and mentally.

Four year later, I realized that I desperately needed to make a positive change in my life. I was at a point in my life where I was unhappy and I needed a fresh start. That same year, I started going for walks with my daughter and eating healthier. That eventually led to me going to the gym, lifting weights and practicing yoga. By end of the year I lost 67 pounds. I felt great, finally I started seeing myself in a new light, but I wasn’t completely satisfied with my progress. There was still something missing. I was taking care of my body, and ignoring my current state of mind.

I have always believed that happiness was a journey. In my mind, (I am sure others can relate) we are all on a quest to find happiness rather than just being happy. In early 2012, while training for race I became injured. I couldn’t work out as vigorously as I use too. I became discouraged about my lack of progress and started to gain weight. After gaining fifteen pounds, I realized that I needed to make a decision about my wellbeing. In the beginning of my journey I took the time to define what happiness meant to me. I realized that I have the power. I can control how I react to changes and events in my life. Making that change towards a positive mindset was just what I needed. Like most changes it didn’t happen instantly, I started by filling my life with positive information (books, affirmations, conferences), and surrounding myself with like-minded individuals who shared my passion for a happier and healthier lifestyle. Throughout this journey I have learned a lot and I will continue to learn as I grow. To be truly happy and empowered there are three key lessons that I found to be of value while on this journey.

Decide what you want in your life, and define your happiness.

  • That decision should be based solely on your needs and wants not the needs of others. As women, we are taught that we should care for others and that our family is priority. That is not one hundred percent true. I believe that in order to take care of others you must take care of yourself first. If you are not at your best than you cannot do your best work. Your happiness is just as important as anyone else’s happiness. My decision to become a better version of myself was a top priority for me. This philosophy has helped me improve several areas in my life.

Value, honor and love yourself

  • Fall in love with who you are and stop the negative self-talk. Remember that you are a fantastic just the way you are flaws and all, anything else (weight loss, social status or possessions) is just icing on the cake. We all want to live happier, healthier lives but that change must come from within. Be authentically you, do not allow other people’s opinion of you make you forget how great you truly are.

Embrace your magnificence.

  • Fabienne Fredrickson Author of “Embrace Your Magnificence,” said it best “to fully live into your calling and live a life that is rich, full, and abundant, your greatest challenge is to be absolutely, totally true to yourself. You must accept yourself as a child of God, accept your purpose, have compassion for yourself and most importantly, express fully who you are and what you believe.”

My belief is that we were all put on this earth to live happy, healthy, fulfilling lives. We shouldn’t have to wait until we have reached a goal to achieve happiness. It is a choice that we all can make because we are fully equipped and empowered to do so. This change in my mindset has allowed me to be the best version of myself both internally and externally. I have made healthier choices for myself and my family. Today, I embrace a healthier lifestyle, I am a vegetarian, I work out 4-5 times a week and I enjoy family activities. I am also enjoying my relationships a lot more, with my spouse, my family and friends, and most importantly with myself. Life is meant to feel good a majority of the time. Take the time to truly embrace your power and your magnificence.

With Love


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  1. Such a BEAUTIFUL post. I think about this topic a lot… will I be happy after I lose weight? But weight loss does not always equal happiness, so that’s why we have to focus on both independently of each other. Kudos to you! xo

  2. A beautiful post, and spot on! I do think about this all the time, and it’s a much happier experience embracing who we are instead of what we thing we’re supposed to be.

  3. LOVED this post!! I am so inspired by her story. I especially loved the stop the negative self talk. She is so right all that extra stuff is just icing on the cake God blessed us with.


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