Say No To Bad Carbs – 10 Day Pre-Holiday Detox 6

With the holidays fast approaching, I have decided to launch a mini detox challenge called Say No To Bad Carbs. The purpose of this detox is to reset my body both physically and mentally in preparation for the crazy busy, food filled holiday season that’s almost here. I have been wanting to do a detox for a while to help recharge my system, but I’m not a big fan of juice cleanses so that wasn’t an option for me.  Personally, I can’t survive on just juicing and I can’t do it for an extended period (no offense to those that juice for days, but it’s just not for me).  So I decided to do a detox from carbs, specifically bad carbs. For the most part, I always try and eat healthy carbs, but once in awhile I’ll have a cookie or two or regular pasta instead of whole grain pasta, etc, but carbs are my weakness so a little detox can do my body good!

I love the holidays and I love to celebrate, but more importantly I love me and my health and I want to make sure that I enjoy the holidays in a sensible and healthy manner as much as possible. I’ll indulge here and there but I don’t want to go over board. My hope is that Say No to Bad Carbs will help me gain control of my cravings and feel confident during the many holiday celebrations that I have coming up.

So, here’s an overview and the rules for Say No To Bad Carbs. I hope you will join me on this two-week plan:

  1. You allowed ONE carb per day, preferably at breakfast.
  2. Your ONE carb must be a healthy carb (ex: oatmeal, brown rice, whole wheat pasta, sweet potato, etc)
  3. When you have a carb be sure it’s the serving for that food (ex: 1cup of brown rice)
  4. All other meals should consist of lean proteins and vegetables (tilapia, chicken, turkey, tuna, salmon, eggs, natural peanut butter, cottage cheese, milk, plain greek yogurt, etc.)
  5. You can eat fruits. Only two servings per day.
  6. Take a daily multivitamin.
  7. All meals should be cooked in olive oil cooking spray.
  8. Drink at minimum 70oz of water.  You can also have tea or decaf coffee.
  9. Say No to the following Bad Carbs: all sweets, cookies, brownies, cakes, sugars, white bread/rice, juice, soda, liquor, beer, wine, refined carbs, etc)

10. Exercise 3-4x per week (at home or at the gym).  If you don’t have a gym membership, invest in a jump rope, it’s an inexpensive workout when coupled with other moves (i.e. jumping jacks, etc.) burns a lot of calories. Here’s an at home workout from FitnessLadies that I absolutely love:

11. Lastly, be creative, not eating a lot of carbs doesn’t have to be boring. With the trend of people following the Paleo diet and other low carb diets, there are so many great low carb recipe resources. Here are a few of my favorites:




I am starting Say No To Bad Carbs on Monday. I spent the weekend mapping out my meals and prepping as much as I can. As my boss likes to say “plan the work and work the plan.” The key to success is preparation and dedication and I am ready to take on this plan for the next two weeks.

If you plan on joining, please let me know in the comment section. Also follow my 10-day journey with #SayNoToCarbs on twitter and instagram.

Are you ready for the holidays? How do you prep yourself for the eating and all the celebrations? Are you planning to follow Say No to Bad Carbs?

DISCLAIMER: As a reminder I am not a nutritionist or registered dietician. I am however a certified health coach and this is a plan that works for me and based on my experience.