Do You Zumba? and a Monday Music Special 10

This past weekend I had the absolute pleasure of attending a Zumba class led by fellow blogger and my dear friend Nellie from Brooklyn Active Mama. It meant a lot for me to attend Nellie’s class. I remember a couple of years ago at the Fitbloggin conference where she expressed her goal of wanting to become a certified Zumba instructor and to see her living this goal now is simply fantastic and inspiring.

I love Zumba. It’s one of those workouts that I always leave feeling so energized and just plain awesome. I have started to incorporate Zumba into my workouts once a week on Wednesdays, but now I am also adding Nellie’s class on Saturdays.  I had so much fun. I was nervous that I was going to be tired because I was out really late Friday night until like 2AM with friends and Zumba was at 8AM so I was prepared for my energy level to be super low during class.

But when you have good music and a good teacher, there’s no getting tired at all. I had a blast!

This class was a special class, because not only did we do 60 minutes of Zumba we did a 30 minute bootcamp work out right after, YES, Nellie tried to kill us.  I was sweating like a crazy.

But I made it through and had an awesome time and burned over 700 calories. I also got to workout with Kimberly from Manifest Yourself.

Anyhoo, for this weeks Music Monday, in honor of Zumba, I wanted to share a song from Nicki Minaj, yes Nicki Minaj that an old Zumba instructor of mine used to play and I would get so energized and ready to dance like a mad woman when it came on. This is a great song to add to your workouts.

Do you like Zumba? Is it a part of your regular workouts? What workouts or songs gets you moving?