Thanksgiving Recap and Detox Plan

Dec 02

Happy Monday!

 How was everyone’s Thanksgiving? I had a lot of family in town and we had a great time together. Of course it was filled with food and more food.

All five of my nieces and nephews spent the entire weekend with me. My sister hosted this year and it’s become a tradition after

Source: Google  Image Search

Source: Google Image Search

Thanksgiving for the kids to come to my house and spend the rest of the weekend with their “favorite auntie” to be spoiled and have fun.

While my sisters were out black Friday shopping, I was entertaining a group of high-energy kids. My daughter was beyond excited to have company. I did score some sales online.

Today, instead of my usual “Music Monday’s“, I have a question of the day for everyone? What’s your post-Thanksgiving recovery plan?

I feel like that’s all everyone is talking about since Thanksgiving and I was curious to know what you’re doing. For me, I have been trying to drink more water, drink tea to cleanse and exercise to ease back into my normal routine. I don’t want to stress about it too much. In the past, I would obsessed over how much I ate and what major “detox” I needed to do to make up for it, but not anymore. I was much more conscious of what I ate, except for dessert (which was my total weakness this Thanksgiving).

But Thanksgiving is over and I am moving on to the next holiday Christmas AHHHHHH, it’s right around the corner and I already have about 3-4 holiday parties/dinners to attend.

So, tell me, what’s your plan if you have one and if not, I would still love to hear from you.  


  1. I’m with you 100% with the no detox plan. I am just trying to get serious about my eating and exercise plan this week. I threw in an extra workout on Sunday and I’m back to following a solid nutrition plan.

  2. I’m just now connecting with your fan page, I need to friend you too.

    I’m trying to be as normal as possible for the holidays. I didn’t get any to go plates nor over eat. One down and one to go. I think the year will be good eating wise.

    Your weekend sounded like my kind of good time. I love the kiddos!

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