Why I Choose to Be Fearless and a Giveaway Announcement 12

It’s officially the third day of the year and I am approaching 2014 with such excitement and vigor because this year unlike any year ever, I am choosing to live a life of fearlessness.

As I mentioned last January, I no longer set resolutions. I always have goals I want to accomplish as it relates to my health, weightless, career and more and I will continue to work hard towards achieving those goals, but this year as I get older (turning 37 in March), I want to “be fearless” in all aspects of my life.

My manager at work, likes to tell our team to “be fearless” when it comes to the types of programs and ideas we come up with. I work in marketing and innovation and creativity and pushing ourselves to think differently is essential to my job. Thus the idea of being fearless in 2014 resonated with me so much.

When I think about things that I have wanted to do in the past that I didn’t do, it was because of fear. Fear of failure, financial fears, fear of not having enough time, fear of taking risks, fear of what people might think, what ever my reason might have been in the past for not doing something it was because of fear and I am no longer letting fear rule my life.

From this day forward, it’s definitely going to be different. 2013 was my “aha moment” year. I realized that I only have ONE life to live and if I don’t do what I want to do now, when will I ever do it again.  Life is to precious to not take a leap of faith in all areas of my life. There are things that happened to me in 2013 that were some of my biggest highlights of the year and I was initially nervous about them, but I didn’t let fear stop me.

I was nervous as ever about studying to be a health coach because I just didn’t know how I would fit being a health coach into my schedule.  I wanted to lose a certain amount of weight but never had time to go to the gym but I figured it out and lost the weight, I didn’t allow fear to stop me from doing these things and I am not going to ever allow fear from stopping me.

HOW WILL YOU LIVE FEARLESSLY THIS YEAR? As you think about this year, especially when it comes to your health, I urge you to think about how you can be more fearless with your health goals. What fear is stopping you from eating healthier or working out more?  Identify those fears, admit they are fears and think of ways to overcome those fears. My one advice is to always start small. Whatever is stopping you from doing something, think about small ways you can slowly eliminate your fear. Here’s to living a fearless year in 2014 and beyond!

Now, to help you jump-start your year of living a fearless and healthy life, I am happy to announce my first giveaway of the year.

be fearless giveaway logo

One lucky reader will receive the 2014 Move Nourish Believe journal by Lorna Jane. This journal was featured in my gift guide this year and it’s really one of the best ones I have seen to date. With inspiring quotes, at-home workouts for each month, easy recipes and more, this diary will for sure help you start off the year in the right way.

Image source: Google Search

Image source: Google Search

To enter, you must do the following:

–       Leave a comment below sharing one area of your like you will choose to live fearlessly

–       Promote this giveaway on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and include @losinginthecity and a link to this post.

–       Here’s suggested copy, but please feel free to customize and make it your own:

Winner will be selected randomly and notified on Monday January 13.


Be Fearless in 2014!