Martin Luther King Jr Day and a “Happy” Music Monday 2

Today is a special day. It’s a day we celebrate the life and legacy of an amazing man who paved the way for us all to lead a life free of inequality for all. While there’s still work to be done as it relates to race and gender issues and so many other things I am forever humbled and grateful for the life I am able to live because of the passionate and dedicated work of Martin Luther King Jr. On his birthday, while it’s a day off from work, it’s truly a day to reflect and thank god for how blessed we are. What Martin Luther King Jr endured as well as other Civil Rights leaders is something none of us could ever handle. ¬†With that Happy Martin Luther King Jr Day!



Today is also “Music Monday” and I wanted to share a song that I am absolutely in love with because it’s the soundtrack to my life. It’s a song by Pharrell Williams called “happy.” I am forever in search of finding my happy in all that I do. As you start off this week, I wish you a week of happiness in all areas of your life and like Martin Luther King Jr says in the quote above, no matter what highs and lows you’re faced with in life just keep moving forward.

Have you heard this song before? What are some songs that inspire you? How are you celebrating Martin Luther King Jr Day?