A Snowy Super Bowl Monday and Music Monday 9

If you live in NY or anywhere in the East Coast, once again, you probably woke up to some lovely snow.

My block

What I woke up to this morning :-(

 I am so over this snow. I feel like it has snowed at least once a week since winter started.  Any hoo, I’m not going to let this crazy snow damper the start of my week.

Happy Super Bowl Monday! Who watched the Super Bowl OR who like me just watched the half-time show? I barely watched the game or even the commercials. I thought Bruno Mars did an awesome job. I am a fan and he was great. I did feel it was super short but the guest appearance with Red Hot Chili Peppers was HOT.

My weekend was jam packed. I started my Saturday morning with an awesome, sweaty high-energy Zumba class with my girl Nellie. I love her class. It’s so much fun and we put in WORK. By the end of her class, according to my polar watch (which I continuously profess my love and obsession for), I burned 659 calories and I looked like this. I looked like a hot, sweaty, mess.  

polar pic


This weekend was very reminiscent of my college days, I know so random and odd considering that was umm about 15 years ago. On Saturday, my cousin had a birthday party at a club which my husband and I attended. (I should preface this was my younger cousin LOL). My daughter spent the night at my parent’s house, so I was happy to actually have a free night. I love to dance and I danced a lot and had a great time. I danced so much I felt like I did zumba twice.  At one point, the DJ was playing some songs that I didn’t like but I was still dancing and told my sister who came with us that I’m burning calories. (I will use every moment to move as an excuse to burn calories.) We didn’t get home until about 5AM. Who are we?????

We also went out Sunday night. I’m telling you this weekend was party central. I had another engagement to attend and didn’t get home until 3AM. Remember the post I did last week about my sleep issues; well let’s just say this past weekend didn’t really help make it any better. But hey, you only live once and I had a wonderful time. Now if this became a recurring weekend thing that would be a huge problem.  I have lots of sleep to try and catch up on this week.

Today is also Music Monday and in honor of the Super Bowl, today’s featured song is one of my favorite Bruno Mars songs “Treasure.”


How was your weekend? Did you watch the super bowl? What did you think about the half-time show?  Have you ever had an unexpected party filled weekend? Do you like to dance?