Sunday Dinner – The Quinoa Edition 7

I grew up in a family where Sunday day dinner was the most important meal of the week. It’s a time for my family to connect and just have a good old time together. Sunday dinners were reserved for special dishes. My family might be the only family where certain meals are simply not “week day” appropriate but only for Sunday dinner. This is a tradition that I continue with my family today.

I love to cook on Sundays. I am so busy during the week and I don’t cook every day. I try to make meals that will last us a few days because we never have the time. So Sunday dinners are especially important to me. It’s truly the only day where I can cook a meal without worrying about the time and getting ready for work. It warms my heart to make a nice meal for my family every day but especially on Sundays.

Now, while I love cooking on Sundays, sometimes I simply run out of healthy and tasty options or creativity and can’t decide what to cook. A few weeks ago, I wanted to cook something different but I couldn’t decide what to cook. While looking through magazines and searching online, I decided on making Quinoa for the first time. I have had quinoa at restaurants but I’ve never made it. I posted a call-out on twitter asking for any recommended Quinoa recipes and someone referred me to Fannetastic Food’s website and I’m so glad they did. She has tons of recipes, quinoa recipes specifically on her site. I decided to try the Mediterranean Quinoa Salad. I followed the recipe in its entirety minus the olives (hubby isn’t a fan). Instead of olives I used red onions because I still wanted the punchy flavor the olives would have added.

Ingredients; red peppers, feta cheese, green peppers, red onions and cucumbers

Ingredients; red peppers, feta cheese, green peppers, red onions and cucumbers


Mix everything in a bowl with the quinoa

Mix everything in a bowl with the quinoa

Final product!

Final product! This is a bad picture :-( sorry

I LOVED everything about this salad. First, it’s super easy and quick to make. Probably took a total of 30 minutes. I served it with bake chicken. Also, I had enough left over for the week, which I used as lunch for work. Now my family, on the other hand didn’t love it as much as I did. My husband ate it but not sure it was his favorite. My three-year old wanted nothing to do with this salad. I think the strong scent of the feta cheese and red onions just turned her off, I thoroughly enjoyed every bite.

Since making this salad, I have been experimenting with quinoa a lot. I recently made this okra and chicken sausage mix, that was an absolute hit with everyone. I think everyone including me preferred warm quiona vs a cold salad like the one I made above.

Okra, Chicken sausage and onions and peppers.



Do you like quinoa? How do you like to have it hot or cold? How do you introduce healthy dishes to your family?