Mixing it with Mix My Own – Product Review 5

I have said this before and I’m going to say it again and again, breakfast is one of my FAVORITE meals of the day. Not only is it my favorite meal, research continues to prove over and over again that breakfast is in fact the most important meal of the day. How you start the day with your eating definitely sets the tone for how you will eat throughout the day.

Personally I find that when I skip breakfast (which is rare) I tend to overeat during lunch. Some of my favorite breakfasts include waffles and PB, eggs, protein shakes, cereal and oatmeal. The key to a nourishing breakfast is a good balance of protein and carbs.

Back in December a friend of mine who knows my love of breakfast, brought me a customize Mix My Own cereal as a gift. Mix My Own is a company that allows you to create your own personal breakfast cereal.


The mix my friend got me was a muesli cereal topped with bananas, cinnamon, almonds and flax seeds. I ate the bag in two days l, it was that good. I had it as a snack on the go and as cold cereal with milk.

When the team at Mix My Own asked me to do a review of their product I was more then thrilled to because I was already a believer.

I love that Mix My Own has created something that makes breakfast fun,  personal and healthy. The fact that you can create your own cereal that’s unique to your personal taste is pretty cool to me.

  • When building a Mix My Own breakfast cereal, you can select the grain of your choice such as oatmeal, granola, and muesli to name a few.
  • Once you pick your grain you can pick from over 100 ingredients that are all natural, non-GMO, preservative free and sugar-free.
  • The toppings/ingredients you can pick from include everything from fruit, to nuts, flax seeds and so many other yummy healthy goodies.

Mix My Own also has premade cereals for different lifestyles such as a Kids Mix, Fitness Mix and a Gluten-Free Mix to name a few.

I am all about healthy breakfast options, so Mix My Own is definitely a favorite in my household.

One of my favorite ways to eat Mix My Own is as a hot bowl of oatmeal topped with bananas and PB. This is from my latest mix, which includes whole grain oats, barley, apples, bananas, flaxseed and ground cinnamon.

mix my own

What’s your favorite breakfast? Are you a fan of cereal? Have you ever tried Mix My Own?


Disclosure: I received a Mix My Own gift certificate for the purpose of this review but as always all opinions are my own.