5 Things I’m Learning To Do While Trying to Balance Life as Mom, Wife, Marketing Executive, Blogger and Health Coach 4

I am notorious for what my friends like to call “doing the most”. Meaning doing too much at once, taking on more then I can handle. I am an ambitious person who always feels that I can accomplish all my goals no matter what. Lately, I am realizing more and more that I have to sometimes take a step back and make sure I am taking a break.  I can’t be successful at anything if I am always tired and that’s exactly how I’ve been feeling lately, TIRED.  I feel like I am always on 100 at all times and it’s slowly wearing me out. If I want to be effective in life and all that I do, I have to know when to say no and rest and relax

On top of being tired, I can never and will never let work become bigger then what’s truly important to me like my family and when I’m tired I’m not as present with my family which is a big NO, NO for me.

So below are 5 small and simple things that I have been implementing in my life to help me get closer to finding some balance in my life.

  1. Know when to take a break
  2. Take a BREAK. Sometimes we know when we need to take a break. (You know that moment when you can barely keep your eyes open or you can barely think.) But we simply don’t listen to our mind or body and we just keep going vs. stopping.
  3. Not everything has to happen now. Set limits for yourself. For example, I have a habit of taking on multiple projects at the same time, but now I will do one or maybe two projects at a time based on what’s happening in my personal life. Now this doesn’t always work in my day-to-day job *insert sad face* but for my personal life and projects outside of work, this definitely helps.
  4. Control what you can control. Sometimes things happen that will set us back and it’s ok. Some setbacks are blessings in disguise.
  5. It’s ok to say NO. We as women have a hard time saying no. I am slowly learning that sometimes no is actually the best answer when it comes to my sanity.
  6. Disconnect and be present.  I know it’s hard to put your phone away but sometimes both mentally and physically disconnecting from the social/digital world is crucial to your well-being. (I know I said I had 5 but disconnecting is just so important, I couldn’t not mention it) 

What tips would you add to this list? How do you try and find balance in your life?