New Year, New Workout Gear: City Sports 0

What better way to start the New Year then with new workout clothes!!! I was thrilled when the team at City Sports asked me to review their private label fitness apparel, CS by City Sports.

I don’t know about you, but wearing new workout clothes gets me super excited for my workouts. Especially, when it’s cute and stylish.

If you’re not familiar with City Sports, City Sports is an athletic apparel and fitness gear retailer that can be found in cities like Boston and New York to name a few. When you live in cities like I do in NYC, you don’t have the luxury of large sporting goods stores, so specialty stores like City Sports are a great outlet to buy all your fitness and apparel items. I actually have a City Sports near my job and have purchased quite a bit from them including my Garmin watch.

So, let’s talk about the CS by City Sports line. I received three items from City Sports, the Cozy Run ½ zip hoodie and matching pants as well as a shirt. (My eyes are closed in this shot, I don’t know why but it was the best full body shot)

2015-03-28 10.43.07

2015-03-28 10.43.57

I don’t usually wear coordinated looks to the gym, so I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about this particular look. However, I was immediately attracted to the color, as I tend to wear mostly black pants and a muted top, so I was excited to try something new.

Once I put it on, I was pleasantly surprised and loved the overall look and feel. I like that the fabric is lightweight and breathable, which is super important to me when exercising. Wearing clothes that I can easily move in and feel comfortable in is key, so that was a plus for me.

I also workout outdoors a lot (even in the winter) so I loved that the sleeves had the hand covers and thumb holes so I don’t really have to wear gloves. I also liked that it has a hood, even though with my high ponytail the hood didn’t quite fit.

I also liked the side pockets, however it’s only on one side. I do wish there were pockets on both sides.

2015-03-28 10.45.21

I liked this shirt, because it’s simple which is my usual workout style. I also liked that I am able to actually wear this outside of exercising. I wore it around the holidays to run errands and I’ve worn it with my black workout pants.

Overall, I was happy with this line and excited to have it as part of my workout wardrobe. I will be wearing them as either separates or together.  The retail price for the hoodie is ($65) and the pants ($55). I tend to spend a bit more on workout clothes because the better the quality the longer they last. I have workout pants that I have had for years, so to me it’s worth the investment if you can afford it. Also you an always keep an eye out for sales, which is what I do.

Do wearing new workout clothes get you excited about your workouts? Have you ever shopped at City Sports either in-store on online? What’s your fitness attire style?