Monday Musings: My #FitList15 Goals 4

The holidays are OVER and today is sadly my first day of work in 2015. I have been on vacation for two weeks and today I’m officially back to reality. Though, I will miss my vacation, it does feel good to be back into my routine.

The New Year always brings a sense of hope and optimism for what lies ahead for the year. While I don’t believe in resolutions per se, I do believe in setting goals for myself and what better time to outline and create a plan of attack for achieving my goals then the New Year.

Today’s post is inspired by Brooklyn Active Mama’s #FitList15 where she has invited everyone to share their fitness goals for 2015. Being a fitter, better me will always be my goal today and beyond.

As I think about my goals, one of the main things I want to accomplish this year is being stronger and challenging myself more.


  • Bring Yoga Back into My Life: All of my workouts are high-energy and high intensity. In 2015, I’m definitely looking to incorporate more yoga into my fitness routine. I used to do hot yoga and it was one of the most challenging and most rewarding workouts. What I love and appreciate about yoga is the mind body connection. You are forced to relax and truly listen to your mind and your body. I always leave yoga class feeling mentally lighter and better.
  • More Fun Runs: I absolutely LOVED doing The Color Run this year and will definitely be doing a few more fun runs with my family.
  • Increase Strength Training: While I’ve been doing a better job at incorporating more weights into my exercise, I definitely need to do more. I still tend to do more cardio and HIIT workouts.
  • Grow My Health Coaching Practice: I have honestly not done as much as I should to further develop my health coaching practice. Becoming a health coach was something that was a huge accomplishment for me and I am looking to do more this year as a coach.
  • Try New Workouts: Variety is essential for me in my fitness journey. I definitely want to try new fitness classes and workouts. I’ve been thinking about Cross Fit, but not sure if I want to try that or something else yet.

In addition to my #FitList15 goals, I am going to continue with my spin classes which I absolutely LOVE and zumba. Zumba is one of those workouts that’s just so much fun, that it’s become a must do for me every week.

Here’s to a fit and fab 2015!! Let’s get working on making our goals a reality.

What are some of your #FitList15 goals? Any thoughts on new fitness classes to try?