Healthy Eating Kitchen Gadgets 2

kitchen gadgets

When it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle, success starts in the KITCHEN. From stocking your cabinets and fridge with healthy and nutritious foods to having the right gadgets to help make cooking and meal planning easy, what you have in your kitchen is as important as what you eat.

Throughout my healthy living journey, in addition to eating healthy and exercising, I have come to rely on (and have spent a whole lot of money) on many kitchen gadgets and tools that have made eating healthy simple and easy.

Here’s a list of some of my favorite kitchen gadgets that I HIGHLY recommend everyone have in their kitchen.

  • Magic Bullet: My cousin brought this for me a year ago and it was the BEST thing ever. I use it for on the go smoothies, post workout shakes. You just put your fruits in, blend and you’re done! I even make quick smoothies for my daughter.


  • VitamixThis is a new item in my kitchen and I feel like I’m cheating on my “magic bullet” because I’m in love with my Vitamix. It’s changed my juicing/smoothie making life FOREVER.
  • Bamboo SteamerI don’t know how I was making veggies before, because now that I have the steamer, it’s the only way I like to make vegetables. It’s fast, quick and crunchy. You just pour a little bit of water in a large pot and place the steamer on top. I’ve even made steamed tilapia. In addition to making healthy meals, it’s super cheap. You can get a steamer for under $20 in Chinatown (if you live in NYC).

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  • Measuring Cups/Spoons: I have several measuring cup and spoons. Portion control is everything when it comes to eating healthy and weight loss.
  • Tupperware/Sport Water Bottles: My cabinets are jammed packed with so many Tupperware bowls and water bottles. I buy them in different sizes.

What other items would you add to this list?