Why Pescatarian? 6


Every year for lent, I give up meat for 40 days. Lent ends on Easter and typically that’s the day that I resume my meat eating ways.

Well, this year, there’s a slight change in plans come lent.

After a lot of thinking, praying, researching and talking to friends and family, I’ve decided to give up meat permanently. I am going to give a Pescatarian lifestyle a try.

Now this wasn’t an easy decision for me as I am from the Caribbean and meat is a HUGE part of my LIFE. Ok, I’m being dramatic but meat is a big part of a lot of my meals, so this isn’t going to be easy for me, but I believe it’s so necessary for my overall health and well-being.

You might be wondering, “What’s a Pescatarian”? A Pescatarian is like a vegetarian with the exception that Pescatarian’s eat fish and eggs. I absolutely couldn’t give up fish and eggs, hence why I’m choosing to be a Pescatarian vs. vegetarian.

Below are my top three reasons why a Pescatarian lifestyle works for me:

  1. Since finding out I have PCOS, which is partly a hormonal issue, I try to reduce my overall consumption of anything that can elevate my already wacky hormones, like meat. Reducing meat has been really helpful with minimizing some of my PCOS symptoms.  Due to my PCOS, I had already started to decrease my overall meat intake, so the change to meatless hasn’t been super hard yet.
  1. I have mentioned this before, but weight loss is a key part of helping with PCOS. Since finding out I have PCOS, I have lost 20LBS. Since not eating meat for lent I have lost more weight and I find that the weight is coming off faster once I stopped consuming meat.
  1. Lastly, I feel AMAZING. Honestly, when I don’t eat meat, I have no indigestion or heartburn or upset stomach like I sometimes do when I would eat meat. I just feel better and the way I feel now is how I always want to feel.

I can’t wait to share my Pescatarian journey with you. I know it’s going to be a series of highs and lows, but I’m excited and ready to do what I have to do to feel awesome!


Are you a Pescatarian or vegetarian? If not, do you know anyone in your life who doesn’t eat meat? What advice would you give to someone transitioning to a meatless diet?