Back from Blogging Break 8



A few weeks ago, I decided to take control of my stress by making the decision to take a mini blogging break. This was major for me. You see, whenever I had a lot going on in my life, I have always been the kind of person who would work through it no matter how little sleep I got or how sick or tired I was, I would just get it done and suffer the consequences after.

But now, as I get older, I am more aware of what running my body ragged can do to my health. So when my stress level is on HIGH the way it was this past May, I am forcing myself to assess what the priorities are in my life and focus on them and take a break from the things that I can wait so that I can complete the things that are priorities at the moment. (It’s taking me a long time to get to this place in life and I LIKE it!)

A lot has happened this past month. I wanted to share some of my highlights with you:

  • I CO-HOSTED A HEALTHY U: I co-hosted the A Healthy U conference. Full recap coming next week. It was amazing and I can’t wait for us to start planning 2016. You can check out some highlights on instagram via #ahealthyucon. Planning this event was like another full-time job and I can’t believe it’s already over.
  •  I STUDIED: I have been studying for an exam to get certified in digital sales for work. Thankfully I took the exam and PASSED. This was definitely one of the biggest stresses for me. I graduated from college 15 years ago, so having to adjust my routine for studying wasn’t easy, but I did it and that’s all that matters.
  • I DECIDED TO REBRANDI am starting the initial planning phase of rebranding the site. Not just the design but also an overall new name. When I started Losing in the City, the focus was about my journey to losing weight. 5 years later, weight loss isn’t my only focus or priority. I want the new name and branding to reflect my overall health and wellness mission. I will be sharing more about this in the next few months.
  •  I JOINED CLASSPASS: Classpass has completely changed my life. I’m absolutely in love with Classpass. If you’re not familiar with Classpass, it’s an app where you pay $99 per month and you have access to almost any fitness studio and some gyms in the NYC and the neighboring boroughs. I cancelled my gym membership a few years ago and have been working out at home and taking classes at different studios, Classpass gives me the variety I want and need.


I am so ready for this week and wishing all of you a wonderful week.

How do you juggle life when you have a lot going on? How do you handle your stress? Do you sometimes take a mental break?