How a Virus Stole My Blogoversary and the Power of Our Community 20

I hope that each and everyone one of you had a wonderful holiday. I posted this on instagram last night because this picture truly captures my week. It was a week filled with family, fun, food, to much eating and love.  I am on vacation until the New Year and so happy to be spending much needed quality time with my family and honestly with myself.

instagram holiday pic

This past Monday (December 23) I announced and shared with everyone that I am officially kicking off my 5-year Blogoversary. I was beyond excited and couldn’t wait to celebrate. I had a series of posts lined up and had hoped to announce a giveaway today. Well all things came to a halt when on Tuesday I received a DM from Josie saying that she thinks something is wrong with my computer (potentially a virus) and that I should immediately look into this.  I logged onto my computer and quickly checked my blog but I didn’t see anything, everything looked fine. I called a few friends and had them log onto the site as well and they didn’t see a message either. So I emailed Josie back and asked her if she can check again to ensure it wasn’t a glitch or something, hoping that it wasn’t the blog as that was the last thing I wanted to deal with on Christmas Eve.

Later I received an email from Josie where she not only outlined in an email to me what she saw but also include screen shots of the message she was getting.


I was overwhelmed and so thankful to Josie for alerting me of the issue and for going the extra mile in sending me the screenshots. (It’s ironic that this all happened on the week of my blogoversary because one of the posts I had planned was a post thanking all the people who have inspired me, gave me advice from day one when I started blogging and Josie was one of them. I also think Josie was one of the few people who started following me on twitter when I had an egg as my avatar LOL)  Josie referred me to her tech person Ryan who’s beyond awesome and once I reached out to him he checked the site and confirmed that I did in fact have a virus and worked on fixing it for me.

If I can encapsulate what 5 years of blogging has meant to me, what happened with Josie says it all. 5 years of blogging has given me the opportunity to connect and meet some of the most sincere, inspiring and amazing people who continue to motivate me everyday by their commitment and dedication to the work that they do. For me this was the perfect reminder (in a unconventional way) to celebrate my blogoversary. It reminded of why I love to blog and the importance of human connection.

Blogging for me is so personal in that it’s become my outlet from my crazy busy life and it’s my platform to make the change I hope to make on a bigger level one day. I am beyond grateful to everyone who has left a comment, read a post, emailed or connected with me on social media. I look forward to what the next 5 years will look like for Losing in the City and can’t wait for what lies ahead in 2014.

P.S. I will still be announcing the giveaway but as a New Year kick-off.

How was your holiday? Have you ever had a virus? How did you handle it?